This photo does not represent me saying GOODBYE but it represents hope and happiness for the future.
I am officially saying goodbye to HEALTHYBYMLEEE.COM😔. It’s been a great journey but it’s time for me to move on. So many of my followers have been with me from the start and have grown with me and I am so thankful for that. was a page in my book and today I am officially turning the page to something a bit different. I changed to

I want to share ALL if not, most parts of my life. My travels, career, building my own charities with inner city youth and so much more.

I will definitely keep my old content up so you can revisit it and my new followers will be able to view it as well. I will also incorporate healthy living but on a smaller scale but you will still see a good portion of fitness on LIFESTYLEBYMARSHALEE.COM

I hope you stick around on my new journey!

Feel free to let me know in the comment section, what type of topics you would like for me to blog about because I am open to anything. 😘😘

Until Next Time,

Love Marshalee


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